The Biology of Desire: Why Addiction is not a Disease
Scribe UK
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Why Addiction is not a DiseaseBroschiertes BuchThrough the vivid, true stories of five people who journeyed into and out of addiction, a renowned neuroscientist explains why addiction is not a disease, but rather the formation of a habit.
Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions: Freedom from Your Addictions
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I believe that we are all on the addict spectrum, that the object of addiction is less important than the condition, and that in recovering as individuals, we can change the world. This book describes the way I work my programme and how it can work for anyone' A definitive guide to the disease of addiction from an addict who has struggled with heroin, alcohol, sex, fame, food and eBay, it will help anyone who is an addict (or loves an addict) make the first tentative steps into recovery. Russell Brand gently and humorously recounts his story and shares the advice and wisdom he has gained from his thirteen years of recovery. Brand wants to speak to those suffering along the full spectrum of addiction - from the serious, life-threatening misuse of substances to the more subtle but still troubling crutches, such as getting trapped in unhealthy and destructive relationships to avoid difficult feelings. This is a book for everyone.
The Addiction[NON-US FORMAT, PAL]
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Auf dem nächtlichen Heimweg wird die Philosophie-Studentin Kathleen Opfer eines bizarren Überfalls, als sie von dem elegant-dämonischen Vamp(ir) Casanova in eine dunkle Ecke gezerrt und in den Hals gebissen wird. Zwei kleine blutige Male bleiben zurück - immer häufiger muss sie gegen eine bisher unbekannte Sucht ankämpfen: das unstillbare Verlangen nach menschlichem Blut.Dieser Titel wird für Sie nach Bestellung auf DVD-R Disc produziert, die von den meisten DVD-Spielern abgespielt wird. Ob Ihr DVD-Spieler das DVD-R-Format abspielen kann, entnehmen Sie bitte der Gebrauchsanweisung.
Addictions (Repack Noel 2018)
Warner Music International (Warner)
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Jane's Addiction - Alive At Twenty-Five  (4K Ultra HD) (+ DVD / + CD) [Blu-ray]
Soulfood Music Distribution / DVD
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Tracklisting:1. Stop2. No One’s Leaving3. Ain’t No Right4. Obvious5. Been Caught Stealing6. Three Days7. Then She Did8. Of Course9. Classic Girl10. Mountain Song11. Just Because12. Ted, Just Admit It…13. Jane Says
The Addiction Formula: A holistic approach to writing captivating, memorable hit songs. With 317 proven commercial techniques and 331 examples. (Holistic Songwriting Book 1) (English Edition)
Albino Publishing
Discover The Songwriting Technique Used In 97% Of All Hit SongsHow To Use Subtle Psychological Triggers To Captivate ANY Audience.Writing Pop, Rock, RnB or Hip Hop has never been easier or more fun.Master The Art Of Writing Addicting SongsMusic is a tough industry to break into. With production gear being affordable for the first time in history, it seems like EVERYONE is making music these days. Getting noticed in the continuous stream of information that is the internet seems almost impossible.BUT: There is a technique designed specifically to captivate and hook an audience and with The Addiction Formula, you can learn it in a couple of hours. You will learn all about Lyric-Less Storytelling, a technique used by the most successful songwriters of our time. If you've always wanted to know how to write songs that stick out and speak to a large audience, this is the book for you.The Songwriting Book For A New Generation Of SongwritersThe 60s are OVER! Songwriting today is a very different experience than it was when the Beatles were on the air. By combining Arrangement, Harmony, Melody, Rhythm, Lyrics and Production in one deviously simple technique it is the first songwriting book that speaks to an all-writing, all-producing DIY generation.Includes over 317 Techniques You Will Be Able To Use INSTANTLY Part 2 of The Addiction Formula is almost like a dictionary of hit songwriting techniques. All the tools are hand-picked from hit songs of the past 30 years. But this book is far more than just a list of tips and tricks: The Addiction Formula also shows you how the techniques can be applied to your songs. It puts all of what you learn into perspective and shows you how they all fit together.With 331 Examples Incl. Songs By Rihanna, Katy Perry, Drake and Maroon 5Are you sick and tired of being taught techniques based on some old County song you've never heard of? One of my guidelines for writing this book was to only include hit songs from the past 30 years.Every single technique in The Addiction Formula is proven with one or more examples to show it in action and to help you learn it quickly and easy. I mean, hey, you get to learn by listening to the songs you listen to anyways! It's fun, quick and practical.Scroll up and get your copy NOW!
And God Created Recovery: Jewish Wisdom to Help You Break Free From Your Addiction, Heal Your Wounds and Unleash Your Inner Freedom (English Edition)
Difference Press
Is your addiction taking over your life? If I can just have one more drink, one more pill, one more cookie, I’ll be okay.Give me one more and I’ll never do it again. I’ll change my ways, settle down, take care of my family, and live a good life. I just need one more to get me through… Have you ever said anything like that, or asked yourself these questions:Why do I keep repeating the same bad habits? Will I ever find the love I’m looking for? Is it possible to put down the bottle or pills if I need them to survive? Can I possibly break the cycle and get clean and sober? Will I ever be happy? No matter which addiction you have, And God Created Recovery is here to jumpstart your growth and help you overcome whatever challenges you’re going through. You can write a new chapter in the story of your life, and find love at home again. And God Created Recovery blends timeless Jewish wisdom with principles of recovery, spirituality, and the science of personal achievement to bring you a book that will dramatically move you forward toward the life you desire. Rabbi Ilan Glazer has felt the pain of addiction personally. In And God Created Recovery he shares insights and highlights of his recovery path, and helps you find experience, strength, hope, faith, joy, and a better life, one day at a time. He knows the struggles and is here to guide you towards a healthier future, wherever you are on your recovery journey. This book will: -Give you practical Jewish techniques to keep you motivated on your recovery journey -Connect you to other Jews working to maintain their recovery and let you know that you’re not alone, even if the Jewish world still doesn’t talk about addiction all that often -Inspire you to grow through your struggles -Help you step out of the darkness and pain of your addiction and into the light of healing and hope for a better future. If you’ve ever thought that just one more will be all you need to be free of your unhealthy habits, this book is for you. If you’ve ever wondered whether Jewish wisdom can help you through the pain of addiction and help you get or maintain sobriety, Rabbi Ilan is here to tell you that it can. Pick up this book today.
L'Oréal Paris Lipstick Color Riche Matte Addiction 636 Mahogany Studs Lippenstift matt, 1er Pack (1 x 4.8 g)
L'Oréal Paris
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Barra de Labios Color Riche Matte 636 Mahogany Studs
10 Years of Addiction
N-Gage Productions (Membran)
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Younique Moodstruck Addiction Palette 4
Beauty Goddess
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Shadow Palette 5 & # x2022; Brilliant - Metallic Silber & # x2022; vindictive, Metallic Copper, Metallic Gold & # x2022; misstrauisch • Vintage - war Korallen & # x2022, sarkastisch, war Raspberry Pink & # x2022; Fearless - Umwandlung von Royal Purple & # x2022; Victorious war Magenta
Aufkleber / Autoaufkleber / Sticker / Decal Aquatic Addiction DIVE MORE WORK LESS Scuba Dive Decal Sticker
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Autoaufkleber - sehr schöner Aufkleber für Ihr Autoleicht leicht anzubringen. Aus deutscher Markenfolie geschnitten ohne störenden HintergrundBeachten Sie bitte, dass die hier angezeigten Farben je nach Monitoreinstellung anders aussehen als der Aufkleber.Ganz einfach den Aufkleber vom Trägerpapier lösen, aufkleben und das Übertragungspapier entfernen.Schon fertigFür alle glatten Flächen, Fenster, Türen usw.Größe:101mmx139mm
Jane's Addiction - Live Voodoo [Blu-ray]
Edel Germany GmbH
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Filmed live on Halloween night 2009 at Voodoo Experience in New Orleans, Live Voodoo sees the reunion of the classic Jane's Addiction line-up of Perry Farrell (vocals), Stephen Perkins (drums), Eric Avery (bass) and Dave Navarro (guitar). This spectacular show captures the band on top form with Perry Farrell at his most mesmerizing and the rest of the band clearly enjoying the occasion.The tracklisting is predominently drawn from their first two albums, which both featured this line-up, and includes classic tracks such as "Been Caught Stealing", "Jane Says", "Ocean Size", "Stop!", "Mountain Song", "Three Days" and many more.Tracklisting:01 Up The Beach02 Mountain Song03 Ain't No Right04 Three Days05 Whores06 Then She Ded...07 Been Caught Stealing08 Ocean Size09 Ted, Just Admit It10 Summertime Rolls11 Stop!12 Jane Says13 Chip AwayBonusmaterial:Live Tracks; NME Featurette; Photo Gallery;