Safego HID Bixenon Licht H4 Scheinwerfer Hohe Low Birnen Lampen (8000K)
EUR 19,34
HID produces supreme light output providing drivers with greater visibility, therefore promotes increased comfort and safer night time driving condition. HID also consumes 35% less power and generates less heat during operation. HID headlamp provides longer service life. With no filament to vibrate and fatigue, under normal conditions HID bulbs last roughly 18 times longer than halogen bulbs. Bulb Specifications: Bulb Size: H4 Bi-xenon High Low Telescopic (H4-3) Wattage: 35W±2 Watts Luminous flux: up to 3000LM± 200LM Service Life: up to 3500hrs Input Voltage: DC 12V (9V-16V) Bulbs Color Temperature: You can select what color you want. 8000K- Light Blue, Cold White, Iceberg Blue. BEST for car, most Brightness in the night for car. Features? 1.HID Bulbs with Lumen Flux 3000±200LM, up to 3x brighter light then halogen bulbs, improve visibility 2.Each components went through 6 separate stages of rigorous production and testing 3.0.2% failure rate, compared to 5-10% failure rate of other HID Conversion kits currently out on the market, the reliability is comparable to that of OEM HIDs 4.Color temperature output tolerance of +/- 100K Packing: 2pcs Xenon HID Bulbs Notice: 1. This Product Require Buyer to buy HID Ballast to Install to let hid bulbs to light up. 2.Certain cars might require a relay harness, bulb adapter, and or canceller. These are sold separately. 3. Can not be used in the car with their own computer (On Board Computer On Car), Mostly for European & American Cars. It is Without decoding function models. 4.There are no instruction in the box. Professionals install is strongly recommended to avoid trouble caused by inexperienced.