Aihasd Sonoff Inching/Selbstverriegelung WiFi Kabellos Smart Switch Relaismodul DC 5V Für Smart Home Für Apple Für Android App Control
AX Electronic
EUR 10,76
Feature: Size: 7.1 * 3.1 * 2cm Control Mode: By App Transportation Mode: Wifi System: For Android / IOS Wifi Working Frequency: 2.4G 802.11 b / g / n Load Power: < = 2200W Working Voltage: DC5V Rated switching current:
Aihasd Universal 24V Säureblei batterien Indikator Batteriekapazität Digital LED Tester Voltmeter
AX Electronic
EUR 9,99
Note: The tester for lithium and sealed lead acid batteries Universal, the factory settings for 24V lead acid batteries and voltage display cycle, if you need to other Specifications Test can be reset by itself, total have 6 steps is below: 1. Pull the white buttons on the reverse for approx. 3s, until it shows "1-U" and Let Go. You can to your back for 1s it shows, "2-b" and Let Go. You can to your back for more 1S it shows, "3-C "and Let Go. You can to your back for more 1S it shows, "4-d". 2. Second when it shows "1-U, remove the white button for 3 seconds, then you can Voltage ADMeasuring equipment. Draw it comes for a longer periods of time, easing tension in the. Drag it then for one for a long time, the voltage is down. Do it again and again. Conveniently store and end automatically after the onscreen sparkle. 3. when it will show "2-B" allows you to make the type of the battery to change. 12 V: 1pc 12 V sealed lead acid batteries 3.7 V: 1pc 3.7 V Lithium Polymer Battery 3.2 V: 1pc 3.2 V lithium iron phosphate battery 1.2 V: 1pc 1.2 V NiMh battery and forget about costly and wasteful disposable batteries 4. Adjust if it shows "3-C", you can, the number of batteries.Please to the following include: 12 V sealed lead acid battery: 1-8PCS Battery: 3.7 V150 mAh Li-polymer Battery: 2-28PCS 3.2 V Lithium Iron Phosphate battery: 3-32PCS 1.2 V NiMh battery and forget about costly and wasteful disposable batteries: 10-70pcs 5. If It shows "4-d", allows you to make the display mode. "V" is voltage mode. "% is% mode. "V% is the voltage & percent cycle mode. 6. After each adjustment value is set, wait until the screen flicker is automatically saved and exited,and then you can to the next operation, otherwise the new adjustment value will not be saved! Package include: 1 x 24V Säureblei batterien voltmeter
Aihasd 2 Channel Relay Module Bluetooth 4.0 BLE Switch for Apple Android Phone IOT with Box
AX Electronic
EUR 17,63
Description: Input voltage:6-24V and 5V Switch electrical parameters: 10A Static Current:20A Size:61*66mm Andoid app: Apple app: please search TwoSwitchBle in app store Document link: Note: For android phone, it must support bluetooth 4.0 LE, and the Android System must above 4.3 . Package Included: 1 X 2 Channel Relay Module 1 X Plastic Box
Aihasd 10PCS Screw Terminal Leiterplatten-Anschlussklemme Block 5.08mm 2 Pin Pitch Klemme Printklemme 300V 16A
AX Electronic
EUR 1,93
Feature: Screw Terminal Anschlussklemme Block 2 Pol Pitch Klemme Printklemme Pitch: 5,08mm Nennspannung: 300 V Bemessungsstrom: 16 A package include: 10 x Screw Terminal Leiterplatten-Anschlussklemme Block 5.08mm 2 Pin Pitch Klemme Printklemme
Aihasd 12 Bits 12 X WS2812B Modul WS2812 5050 RGB LED Ring Lampe Licht Mit integrierten Treibern Für Arduino Raspberry Pi
AX Electronic
EUR 3,79
Description: Voltage:DC4-7V Communication interface:Single-wire communication LED Chip:WS2812B Inside Diameter :2.3 cm Outside Diameter: 3.7 cm Conncetion: 5V to 5V pin 6 to DI GND to GND Package Included: 1 X 12 Bits 12 X WS2812B Module WS2812 5050 RGB LED Ring Lamp Light with Integrated Drivers
Aihasd 4PCS Menschlicher Körper Gewicht der Wägezelle Gewichtungssensor 50KG Halbbrücke mit Verstärker HX711 AD-Modul Dehnungsmessstreifen Personenwaage
AX Electronic
EUR 8,94
Description: This load sensor, sometimes called a strain gauge, is the same one found in digital bathroom scales (you know, the ones you use in January for your New Year's resolutions, and then forget about a month later). The sensor is a group of half-bridge strain gauge, there are 3 ways to use it : 1. Use one sensor with an external resistor to form a full-bridge measurement, the range of a sensor range: 50kg. External resistance on the higher requirements. 2.Use two sensors to form a full-bridge measurement, measuring range for the sum of the two sensors: 50kgx2 = 100kg 3.Use four sensors to form a full-bridge measurement, measuring range for the sum of four sensors: 50kgx4 = 200kg Package Includes: 4 X Human Scale Load Cell 50kg 1 X HX711 AD Module
Aihasd 10PCS 5V Laser Head Diode Dot Module WL Red Mini 650nm 6mm 5mW
AX Electronic
EUR 3,98
Description: Wavelength: 650nm Working Voltage: 5v Operating Current: must less than 20 mA Laser Shape: Dot Working temperature: -10 degree to 40 degree Lens and housing: Plastic Dimensions: 6 X 10 mm Package Included: 10 X 5V Laser Dot Diode Module
Aihasd Mini Digital Voltmeter LED Panel Voltage Meter Spannungsanzeige Panelmeter DC 2.7-30V grün
AX Electronic
EUR 2,50
Beschreibung: Brandneu und hochwertig LED Display-Farbe: grün Klein und bequem zu installierenGenauigkeit: 1% Update-Geschwindigkeit: ca. jedesmal 200ms Anzeigemodus: 3 stellige 0,36-Zoll digitale Anzeige Messbereich: 2.7-30V Größe: ca. 23 x 15 x 10 mm Hinweis: Bitte verbinden Sie das rote Kabel an den Pluspol und das schwarze Kabel an den Minuspol. Paket enthalten: 1 X Mini Digital Voltmeter LED Panel Voltage Meter Spannungsanzeige Panelmeter DC 2.7-30V grün
Aihasd 3S 30A High Current Fe LIFEPO4 LiFePO Battery Charger Protection Board 9.6V 10.8V
AX Electronic
EUR 7,89
Feature: 100% Brand New Module:3S LIFEPO4 Battery Protection Board overcharge detection voltage :3.9±0.025V overcharge Lift the voltage:3.8±0.05V over discharge detection voltage :2.30±0.08V over discharge Lift the voltage:2.70±0.1V overcurrent current:20-30A working current:15A(Natural cooling 10.A, add heat sink 15A, the maximum instantaneous current 30A) Remove protection condition automatic recovery, without activation. Protections: Short circuit protection Overcharge protection Over-discharge protection Overcurrent protection operating temperature:-40-85c size:50mm*22mm*4mm if you need the connector diagram,please tell us,we can send it to you. Package included: 1 X 3S 30A High Current Fe LIFEPO4 Battery Charger Protection Board 9.6V 10.8V
Aihasd Digispark Kickstarter Attiny85 General Mikro USB Entwicklung Board für Arduino
AX Electronic
EUR 2,95
Eigenschaften: Unterstützt Arduino IDE 1.0+ (OSX/Win/Linux). Kann durch USB, 5v oder 7-35v externe Energie (automaticlly Abgleich) angetrieben werden. Ein 5V/500mA Regler ist an Bord. Eingebauter USB (Serielles Debugging). 6 E/A-Pins (2 werden nur für USB verwendet, wenn Ihr Programm aktiv über USB kommuniziert, sonst können Sie alle 6 auch verwenden, wenn Sie über USB programmieren). 8k Flash-Speicher (ca. 6k nach Bootloader). I2C und SPI (gegenüber USI). PWM auf 3 Pins (mehr möglich mit Software PWM). ADC auf 4 Pins. Power LED und Test/Status LED (auf Pin0). Paket beinhaltet: 1 x Digispark Kickstarter Attiny85 General Mikro USB Entwicklungs Board (mit Pins)
Aihasd AC 100V-240V Konverter Adapter DC 9V 1A Netzteil Ladegerät EU-Stecker für Arduino
AX Electronic
EUR 3,96
Feature: Eingangsspannung: AC 100V-240V 50-60Hz Ausgangsspannung: DC 9V Ausgangsstrom: 1A Ausgangsleistung: 9W Ausgang DC Schnittstelle: Durchmesser 5,5 mm * 2,1 mm Innendurchmesser Stecker Polarität: Der Adapter Verbindungsstück innerhalb des positiven (+) außerhalb negative (-) Ausgangskabellänge : 1,2 m Länge Netzteil mit LED-Anzeige Gewicht: 65 g Lieferinhalt: 1 x AC 100V-240V-Konverter-Adapter DC 9V 1A Netzteil EU-Stecker für Arduino
Aihasd 20Stk 5x7 4x6 3x7 2x8CM Double Side Lochrasterplatte Lochrasterplatine Leiterplatte Platine PCB Universal Board
AX Electronic
EUR 6,88
Dear buyer,please don't leave Packstation address,can not ship to the Packstation address. Feature: 20Stücke=5Stücke 5X7+ 5Stücke 4X6+ 5Stücke 3X7+ 5Stücke 2X8 Description: Dimension: 5x7 4x6 3x7 2x8 cm Material : double Side Copper PCB Hole Dia:about 1mm Thickness: 1.6mm Hole pitch : standard 2.54mm Quantity :20pcs For point to point DIY soldering Package included: 5pcs 5X7 prototype pcb Universal Board 5pcs 4X6 prototype pcb Universal Board 5pcs 3X7 prototype pcb Universal Board 5pcs 2X8 prototype pcb Universal Board
Aihasd Acid 12V Säureblei Batterien Indicator Batterie Kapazität Digital LED Tester Voltmeter mit Doppelanzeige
AX Electronic
EUR 10,99
Beschreibung: Digitalvoltmeter Tester Kapazität LED Aktuelle Arbeiten: 5-15mA (mit Hintergrundbeleuchtung ) Energieauflösung : 10% Voltmeter Genauigkeit: 1% Mit Temperaturbereich : -10 ° C - 65 ° C (14 ~ 149 ℉) Humedad de funcionamiento: 10% -80% Dimensión exterior: 48 × 29 × 21 mm (1,89 * 1,4 * 0,83 pulgadas) Dimensiones del agujero: 45,5 × 26,5 mm (1,8 pulgadas * 1.05) Modo de visualización: + Tensión de la batería, la batería + Porcentaje. Nota: Este probador de litio y baterías de plomo-ácido universal, es 12V energía de la batería y el ciclo de tensión de pantalla de plomo-ácido. Schwarzer Draht verbindet sich negativ rot auf positive Paket enthalten: 1 X Acid 12V Säureblei Batterien Indicator Batterie Kapazität Digital LED Tester Voltmeter mit Doppelanzeige
Aihasd 868MHZ LG01-P Open Source LoRa Gateway
AX Electronic
EUR 98,27
Features: This product is 868MHz. Open source OpenWrt system Low power consumption Firmware upgrade via web Software upgradable via network Auto provisioning Built in web server Managed by web GUI, SSH via LAN or WiFi Support WiFi AP, Client or ad hoc (mesh) mode Internet connection via LAN, WIFI, 3G or 4G Failsafe design provides robustly system Compatible with Arduino IDE. Easy to program. Lora band 868MHz Max range in Lora: 5 ~ 10 km Applications: Wireless Alarm and security systems Home and Building Automation Automated Meter Reading Industrial monitoring and control Long Range irrigation system GPS Tracker, etc. Specifications: Linux side: Processor: 400MHz, 24 K MIPS Flash: 16 MB; RAM: 64 MB MCU/Lora side: MCU: Atmega328P Flash: 32KB RAM: 2KB Lora chip: SX2176/78 Interfaces: 10 m/100 m RJ45 ports x 2 WiFi: Yes, 802.11 b/g/n Lora Wireless Power Input: 12 V DC USB 2.0 Host connector x 1 USB 2.0 Host Internal Interface x 1 Video Introduction LG01 868: Lora Gateway (best tuned at 868 m Frenquency) Document link: Package include: 1 x LG01 P Lora Gateway 868MHZ 1 x USB Led light(gift)
Aihasd 10PCS B10K 10K Ohm Adjustment Single Linear Rotary Taper Potentiometer Shaft 15mm
AX Electronic
EUR 3,82
Parameter: Product Name : Potentiometer; Resistance Value : 10K ohm; Adjustment Type : Top Adjustment Type : Single Linear ; Features : Knurled Shaft; Shaft Diameter : 6mm / 0.23" Shaft Length : 15mm / 0.59"; Thread Dia : 7mm / 0.27"; Base Height : 8mm / 0.31" Base Diameter : 15mm / 0.6"; Material : Metal w Electronic Parts Weight : 70g; Package include: 10 x 10K Potentiometer
Aihasd Induktions-Lampe 10 LED Bewegungsmelder Wireless Sensor Closet Kabinett-Licht-Lampe
AX Electronic
EUR 13,49
Feature: Note:the item don't include the battery,you need to have AAA battery. High-Efficiency,Light LED technology is applied. High bright, low power consumption, long operating life, energy saving. Suitable for the bedroom, baby room, closet, closets, cabinet, corridor, workshop, basement, garage, stairwell, oil depots, roof, door, garage entrances and other places. Auto switching on when detecting people coming at night or a dark place. Super sensitivity > 3 meter Distance Sensitive Angle: 120 degrees LED life: 80,000 hours or more LED Qty: 10 LED LED luminance:1800-2000MCD/LED Power supply: 4 X AAA batteries (not included) Light-emitting delayed extinction time: 15 seconds Store temperature: -10 to 40 degree  Light color: White Size:18.8 x 3cm (L x W)   The product installation method 1. The double-sided adhesive stickers 2. The magnetic base   Package Includes: 1 x Induktions-Lampe 10 LED Bewegungsmelder Wireless Sensor Closet Kabinett-Licht-Lampe
Aihasd Sonoff DR Hutschienen-Tray Adjustable Mounted Schienen-Kasten-Halter-Lösung für Sonoff Basic RF Pow TH10 TH16 Dual G1
AX Electronic
EUR 2,99
Überblick: Sonoff DR DIN Rail Tray ist eine Schaltschranklösung für Sonoff Produkte. Damit können Sie die Sonoff-Produkte an der Schalttafel montieren. Wie Sie wissen, sind die meisten Sonoff-Produkte nicht auf einer DIN-Schiene montiert, was es schwierig macht, die Sonoff-Produkte in die Schalttafel zu stecken. Jetzt bringen wir ein weiteres preiswertes und praktisches Zubehör, das SONoff DR DIN Rail Tray, auf den Markt. Wir stellen dieses Produkt zur Verfügung, damit unsere Benutzer die Sonoff-Switches einfach auf ihrer Schalttafel installieren können. Spezifikationen: Gehäusematerial: Feuerhemmendes ABS V0 Luftfeuchtigkeit: 5% -90% RH, nicht kondensierend Betriebstemperatur: -20ºC-70ºC Produktgröße: Ca. 113 * 51 * 10 (mm) Produkt Gewicht: Ca. 80g Paketinformationen: Paketgröße: Ca. 13 * 6 * 4 cm / 5,1 * 2,4 * 1,6 in Paketgewicht: Ca. 105 g / 3,7 oz Hinweis: Die DIN-Schiene ist nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten. Packliste: 1 x Sonoff DR DIN Schienenablage 1 x Befestigungsschraubensatz
Aihasd Set of 5PCS Handy Digital Stereo Amplifier Super Mini PAM8403 5 V Digital Amplifier Board 3 W + 3 W DC 5 V Audio Amplifier Power Amp Module
AX Electronic
EUR 7,44
Feature: PAM8403 is a small digital amplifier chip.HD quality highlights the advantages of digital chips, circuits use the most reasonable peripheral configuration, power supply filtering is upgraded to 470uf (some sellers are less did not even 100uf capacitor) 1.6mm glass plates, amplifier board truly do the most detailed, output 3W +3 W high-fidelity sound, is a very good product amp enthusiasts, potentiometers table with anti-body, life expectancy up to 15 years, with a potentiometer counterclockwise switch off the power directly. Product Name: PAM8403 digital amplifier board Specification: XTW8403 Power range: 5V DC Low output: 3W * 2 Dimensions: 29.5 * 20.2 * 15mm (excluding protruding potentiometer lever) Pin Description: + OUT_L: Left channel in-phase output PGNDL: left channel power ground -OUT_L: Left channel inverting output PVDDL: left channel power supply MUTE: Mute control input (active low) VDD: Analog VDD INL: left channel input VREF: Internal analog reference source, connect a bypass capacitor from VREF to GND NC: empty feet INR: Right channel input GND: analog ground SHDN: System shutdown control (active low) PVDDR: Right channel power supply -OUT_R: Right channel inverting output PGNDR: Right channel power ground + OUT_R: Right channel in phase outputPackage included: 5 x 2-Kanal 3W Mini PAM8403 5V Digital Stereo Amplifier Board USB Power Supply
Aihasd 61 Bits 61X WS2812B Modul WS2812 5050 RGB LED Ring Lampe Licht mit integrierten Treibern für Arduino Raspberry Pi
AX Electronic
EUR 19,89
Feature: Product diameter:86mm Voltage:DC4-7V Communication interface:Single-wire communication LED driver chip WS2812B (build in the LED) Conncetion: 5V to 5V pin 6 to DI GND to GND Package included: 1 x 61 Bits 61 X WS2812B Module WS2812 5050 RGB LED Ring
UChic 3 STÜCKE Heiße Verkäufe Unisex Frauen Männer Neue Populäre Klare LED-Licht Lampe Ändern Farben Schlüsselanhänger Geschenk
EUR 8,28
Produktbeschreibung Material: Arylic und Metall Farbe: Farbe ändern (nicht eine Farbe) Größe: 3 * 3 * 5,5 cm Paket enthalten: 3pcs Glühbirne Schlüsselanhänger Hinweis: Die Farbe ist nur eine, es wird jede Farbe auf dem Bild ändern!