AlcoHawk Mundstücke Slim Alkoholtest (100 Stück)
EUR 26,00
Mundstücke für die AlcoHAWK Slim 2/Elite
Mundstücke von AlcoDigital, geeignet für CA2000/AlcoMate/AlcoHawk Pro/ABI
EUR 6,37
alcodigital Mundstücken, passend für CA2000 breathlyzer; auch für alcomate, alcomate Pro AlcoHAWK Abi, AlcoHAWK Pro
Alcohawk Avanti Breathalyzer by AlcoHawk
EUR 190,68
Meets FDA standards for breath alcohol screening devices;Mouthpiece captures accurate, targeted deep-lung air sample;Advanced fuel-cell sensor Technology provides linear accuracy throughout a wide features range of 000- 4000 back;Durable & robust enough to last for thousands of tests;Fast warm-up for a Quick start & consecutive tests
Alcohawk Q3I-ACC-3000 DC Car Adapter by AlcoHawk
EUR 41,98
12 V Automobile D/C Adapter charges The AlcoHAWK q3i2500 Slim, q3i4000 Elite, q3i11000 pro, q3i10000 Abi, q3ipt500gb PT500 & manufactured to the highest quality available. Design is stylish and innovative. Satisfaction ensured. Great Gift Idea.
AlcoHawk ALCQ3I11000 Alkoholtester
EUR 91,93
AlcoHAWK q3i-11000 pro Digital Breath Alcohol Tester
AlcoHawk Slim Alkoholtest
EUR 93,96
Sensor Recognition Technology to monitor for certain types of abnormal sensor conditions;Folding mouthpiece with replaceable mouthpiece covers;3-digit LCD display;Calibrated prior to shipment in our USA Service Center;Includes: AlcoHAWK Elite Slim unit, three mouthpieces, owner's manual, quick start guide, and a 1 year warranty
AlcoHAWK Ultra Slim Digital Breathalyzer by AlcoHAWK
EUR 88,18
Digital readout from 0.00 - 0.40% BAC (blood alcohol concentration);Flip out mouthpiece and replaceable mouthpiece tips provide a safe and sanitary method for testing multiple users;Sleek and compact design;Includes AlcoHAWK Slim Ultra unit, 3 mouthpieces, instruction manual, and one year limited warranty
Alcohawk Q3I-ACC-2550 Slim Mouthpiece - Personal Healthcare / Health Care by AlcoHawk
EUR 77,61
Use for the AlcoHAWK Slim or Ultra Slim;50 pack;Be Bold. Be Smart. Be Responsible.
AlcoHAWK Mouthpieces - for use with AlcoHAWK PT500 and AlcoHAWK Precision, Pack of 50 by AlcoHawk
EUR 48,80
Pack of 50 pieces;Individually wrapped mouthpiece covers for the Alcohawk Precision;Specifically designed for the Q3I1 Alcohawk ABI and Q3I11 Alcohawk PRO digital breath alcohol detectors
100 x Mundstücke für ca2000, alcomate, Alcohawk Abi, Alcohawk Pro breathalyzers – (100 Stück)
EUR 21,34
alcodigital Mundstücken, passend für CA2000 breathlyzer; auch für alcomate, alcomate Pro AlcoHAWK Abi, AlcoHAWK Pro