Gastric Bypass For Weight Loss (With Pictures): How I Lost 185 Pounds And Never Gained Them Back By Having A Surgery That Forever Changed My Life (English Edition)
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I was 450 pounds. My job as a national account manager for a large company took me to casinos. Something strange started to happen there. I began noticing the older patrons at the casinos. In wheelchairs. With oxygen tanks. Without legs. Was I really willing to gamble that my physical problems weren’t a gruesome sign of things to come? Was I going to end up like these guys? Sitting in a wheelchair barely able to play the slot machines?My concern couldn't be contained any longer. My worry began to expand and crackle like popcorn in a microwave. It couldn't be ignored.The nutritionist told me that the way I was eating was slowing down my metabolism. As a result, even though I was active, I wasn't losing the weight.Armed with a food plan that required eating balanced meals several times a day, and a commitment to the weight-loss surgery, I lost 30 pounds in two months.I learned that, typically, doctors doing bariatric surgery require potential patients to lose some weight prior to the surgery for two reasons. One, the less fat around the tissues and under the skin, the less complicated the surgery tends to be. Secondly, the medical team wants to be assured that the patient is willing to make the lifestyle changes that are necessary for weight loss. I discovered that weight-loss surgery effectively provides patients like me with a window in which to make changes. Surgeons will tell you that you have to cut out the bad habits because you can't make a habit of being cut.There were those who questioned my decision, as mentioned in the beginning, but I was resolute. After listening to the doctors and doing the research, I opted for the gastric bypass surgery. The sleeve and the lap band didn't appeal to me, and the bypass has the best record of success. I was committed.
Creating Awesome!: Radiant Health as a Spiritual Practice (English Edition)

At a time when people are searching for healthcare solutions, mental and emotional resilience, and a practical, everyday spiritual practice, Dr. Altilio invites us to become alchemists of our own wellbeing. Dr. Altilio offers the most direct path possible to sustainable health, spiritual freedom, and authentic Zen-like composure so you can take your place wherever you are. “True composure is not an expensive suit that you slip into when you want to make a good impression. True composure arises naturally from spiritual freedom."Most of us enjoy the freedom to live and work wherever we choose; but what about freedom from our own self-destructive behaviors, impulses, and emotional reactivity? Within these pages you’ll discover a new kind of freedom—one that eclipses whatever may be happening around us.Dr. Altilio’s Ten Principles of Radiant Health combine ancient wisdom with modern science to unlock the secrets of a unifying intelligence, which imbues all that exists and is the ultimate source of mind/body healing.
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Wie funktioniert ein Regenwassersammler? Das Regenwasser wird vom Dach über die Dachrinne in das Regenrohr geleitet. Dabei fließt das Wasser hauptsächlich im inneren Rand des Regenrohres leicht spiralförmig nach unten. Da das Wasser nun am Blechrohr entlang nach unten rinnt, kann der Regenwassersammler mit einem integrierten Innenleben das Wasser auffangen und in die Regentonne weiterleiten. In jedem Regenwassersammler befindet sich ein Innenleben welches auf den Bildern nicht erkennbar ist. Dieses Innenleben ist abgedichtet damit es das Wasser auffangen und ableiten kann. Die Regenwassersammler haben keinen Filter und es ist auch kein Filter lieferbar . Der Regenwassersammler lässt sich schnell und einfach in das Regenfallrohr einbauen. Über einen Schlauchanschluss wird der Regenwassersammler in die gewünschte Füllhöhe zur Regentonne angeschlossen. Dabei ist es sehr wichtig in welcher Höhe Sie den Regenwassersammler einbauen. Wird er zu hoch eingebaut, so läuft die Regentonne über. Wird er zu tief eingebaut, wird die Regentonne nicht ausreichend voll. Unsere Regenwassersammler sind so konstruiert, dass das Innenleben ca. 5 cm tiefer als die Oberkante der Regentonne sein muss (siehe Skizze). So wird das Füllvermögen der Regentonne optimal ausgenutzt. Bei Erreichen der maximalen Füllhöhe wird der Wasserüberschuss automatisch im Fallrohr abgeleitet, so dass ein Überlaufen der Regentonne verhindert wird. Das Innenleben hat also die Aufgabe, dass Wasser aufzufangen und in die Regentonne abzuleiten und bei Erreichen der Füllhöhe dient es als Ableitung zurück in das Regenrohr. Die Regentonne füllt sich daher von alleine, es ist kein öffnen oder schließen mehr notwendig.
Il libro di pietra: Le iscrizioni della Cappella Pontano in Napoli (Italian Edition)
Editrice Domenicana Italiana
La Cappella Pontano, situata nel centro antico di Napoli, merita molta attenzione, perché davvero è “l’edificio del centro antico di più alta rilevanza letteraria per la presenza, sia all'esterno che all'interno, di numerose iscrizioni latine dettate dallo stesso poeta”, come si è espresso Carlo Raso. L’autore ne presenta le iscrizioni dell’interno e dell’esterno, con immagini, trascrizioni, traduzioni e commento.
Conquistas na Psicoterapia: Estudos de Caso com EMDR
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