Apex Tool Group 11-440 Plumb Wood Handle Hammer-16OZ WD/HDL RIP HAMMER
Cooper Hand Tools
EUR 21,11
Plumb hammers have a high quality hickory handle for the comfort and natural feel of wood. A hickory wood handle gives great resilience and strength, while minimizing impact shock.;All hickory handles are attached to the hammer head with Plumb's exclusive bonding process to lock the hammer head to the handle.
Crescent CCP8V 2-in-1 Combo Zange
Apex Tool Group LLC.
EUR 49,26
Multifunction tool copper wire cutting, insulation stripping Manufacturer CRESCENT Tool type multifunction tool Used for wire stripping copper wire cutting insulation stripping Stripping tool features induction hardened BLs surfaces protected by oxidizing, black handles are fitted with dual material for improved comfort work Additional information Gross weight 0.4 kg MPN CCP8V
Apex Tool Group 7250 W Ersatz Löten Gun Spitze
Apex Tool Group
EUR 5,04
Tipps kompatibel mit Weller L-tkolben. Schneiden Gl-tten Standard und eisenplattierte Tipps zur Verf-gung. Alle Tipps sind aus Kupfer hergestellt wichtig: Verwenden Sie nur Weller Tipps. Die Verwendung von nicht-Weller Komponenten k-nnen zum Erl-schen Produktgarantie, wenn die nicht-Weller Komponente verursacht Sch-den am Ger-t.
Crescent X6 CX6DBS2 4-in-1 Double Box Ratcheting Wrench Set, SAE Black, 2-Piece by Apex Tool Group
Apex Tool Group
EUR 23,85
Crescent X6 SAE 4-in-1 Double Box Ratcheting Wrench 2 Piece Set. Traditional wrench sets can be a challenge to store and transport. Compact, affordable wrenches that work with a wide range of sizes are great for a variety of projects and can be easily moved from job to job.
Crescent Wiss M1R 248mm MetalMaster Blechschere mit Hebelübersetzung, Links- und Gerade Schneidend - Rot
Apex Tool Group LLC.
EUR 17,71
SNIP, LEFT CUT, RED Overall Length:247.65mm Cutting Capacity Max:- SVHC:No SVHC (15-Jun-2015) Finish:Polished Jaw Length:35mm Length:248mm Tool Body Material:Steel Weight:2.4kg
Crescent CX6RWS7 Combination Wrench Set with Ratcheting Open-End and Static Box-End, 7-Piece by Apex Tool Group
Cooper Tools
EUR 76,49
Innovative X6 design in the box end of the wrench allows you to grip 6 different types of fasteners;Able to work on the following types of fasteners: Hex, Square, 12pt, External Torx, Partially rounded hex and Spline;The ratcheting open end of the wrench allows you to remove and apply nuts and bolts without removing the wrench;Laser-etched sizing to make recognition of the correct size tool quick and easy;Innovative designed beam gives your wrench set a unique look and feel
Wiss WHN1 - HVAC Duct Hand Notcher by Apex Tool Group
EUR 115,07
Cuts 30-Degree V shaped cut in sheet metal;Gives clean notch without slipping at corners and take-off tabs;Non-slip cushion grips for superior comfort and control
Apex Tool Group 636N Lufkin Brick Masons Rule-BRK MASN WD FOLDING RULE
EUR 15,10
Brk masn wd folding rule. 1 side marked vertical figures. Consecutive inches to 16th. Other side marked into 10 brick spacing scales. Blade and markings protected by longer wearing epoxy finish. Markings embedded into wood. White finish. Solid brass joints, strike plates, end caps. 6' long.
Husky Mechanic Tool Set (92-Piece) by APEX TOOL GROUP LLC
EUR 166,37
Apex Tool Group 18960 N 4 in Hand Raspel Datei, 25,4 cm
Apex Tool Group
EUR 17,94
amerikanischem Muster Raspel, 4-in-Hand, ehemals Schuh Raspel F-r Eigenheimbesitzer, Heimwerkern, Bootsbauer und Mechaniker Halbrunde Form Hat Aktenfach und Raspelzonen sowohl auf der flachen Seite und halbrunde Seite amerikanischen Muster Rasp Punsch f-r Holz geschnitten 10 \" Carded L-nge: 12.75 Breite: 0,5 H-he: 2.5
APEX TOOL GROUP-ASIA 216627 Master Mechanic, 8 Oz, Curved Claw Hammer
Apex Tool Group (Auto)
EUR 11,04
This product features a fully polished head, a smooth face, and heat treated forged steel. It is convenient and works effectively. It is definitely a great quality product.
Apex Tool Group XL8525 Extra Wide Power Return Tape, 3/16-Inch x 25-Feet by Apex Tool Group
EUR 12,63
Lufkin, 1-3/16" x 25', Power Return Tape Measure, Orange Case, Cushion Grip, New Blade Design Achieves 10' Stand Out, Make Longer Measurements, Soft Touch Lock Button For Better Feel & Control , Rubber Cushion Absorbs Impact & Improved Grip, Case Designed
Apex Tool Group 11417 Premium Fiberglas Rip Claw kariert Face Hammer, 22 – Unze
Apex Tool Group
EUR 25,61
-Premium-Fiberglas Griff Voll poliert auf dem Kopf, Pol und Gesicht Fabrik ausgeglichen Schwarz gepolsterter Griff mit einem Permabond Stielbefestigung gefr-ste Fl-che 22 oz, 15 \"L-nge L-nge: 6 Breite: 1,4 H-he: 15
Apex Tool Group - 10PC SAE Ratch Wrench (44018)
Apex Tool Group
EUR 34,35
10 Piece Ratcheting Wrench Set, 72 Teeth Design Requires Only 5 Degree Swing To Turn Fasteners, Includes: 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", 9/16", 5/8", 11/16", 3/4", 13/16" Wrenches.
Apex Tool Group t9001824 1/5,1 cm Zink Eye Grab Haken
EUR 8,75
1/2", Zinc Plated, Eye Grab Hook, Grade 43, Import, UPC Tagged, Weight Load Limit 9,200 LB.