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Landfall: Tales From the Flood/Ark Universe (English Edition)
Roadswell Editions
Stephen Baxter's bestselling novels, Flood and Ark (ROC, 2009 and 2010) introduced a universe in which a handful of refugees in a primitive starship flee a drowning Earth. In the duology we see the refugees reach colony worlds they call Earth II and Earth III. The three novellas in Landfgall answer the frequently asked question, "What happened next?? The final piece, "Earth I," is original to this collection, a trio of stories that continue Baxter's masterful world-building.Stephen Baxter is the pre-eminent sf writer of his generation. Published around the world, he has also won major awards in the US, UK, Germany and Japan. Born in 1957, he has degrees from Cambridge and Southampton. He lives in Northumberland, England with his wife.
The Ark: Surviving a Global Pandemic, Martial Law and the End of America (English Edition)

THE ARK is an exciting international political thriller. Set in 2016, it is about surviving martial law and a pandemic in America, which Dr. Hana Sokijina and a group of US military veterans struggle to survive in a homemade submarine. Murder, treason, combat, Russian bioweapons, White House traitors, genocide, heroic Chihuahuas, eco-terrorists. THE ARK is a story for anyone concerned about the future of America. It is a story of survival.THE ARK is a story of an American president and corrupt White House imposing martial law under the ruse of a global epidemic quarantine that inadvertently becomes real when Russia allows a GMO plague bacterium to fall into the hands of an environmental zealot who uses the president’s ruse to release this GMO. The result is annihilation of all but a handful of humans worldwide.This is the story of how they survived on their ARK to rekindle the American idea.“Erskin peaked carefully over the bunker. There sat the sniper staring directly at him, and wearing a Marine Corps sniper’s Ghillie suit. She had a Navy SEAL tactical combat knife sticking straight out of the top of her skull.”“CIA Deputy Director Abrambs pondered the math for a moment. “So…am I correct that a dose of 8ppb yielding an LD99 means that 99% of the people exposed to 8 parts per billion will die?”“Yes, Mr. Abrambs,” intoned the tinny voice on the speaker phone, “to be more precise 99.99% of those exposed will die.”Abrambs stared grimly at the speaker phone. “This isn’t a weapon. It’s extinction.”
State of the Ark
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Brick Breaker
Ying Games and Fun
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The Well Of The Souls (Music From Raiders Of The Lost Ark)
Blaricum CD Company (B.C.D.) B.V.
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Noah's Magic Ark [UK Import]
Abbey Home Media Group
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WonderPana FreeArc Step-Up Ring 95mm-145mm from Fotodiox Pro, Anodized Black Aluminum, 95mm Lens Thread to 145mm Round Filter
Fotodiox Inc.
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The WonderPana FreeArc Step-Up Ring PROVIDES The Freedom to use, Share and rotate 66 and 145 Filters On All Of Your Regular Lenses. Fotodiox Step-Up Rings are made with precision Out Of Premium Grade Aluminum. Every Ring is Inspected to ensure Smooth Mounting and is polished and Finished with Anodized Matte Surface for Professional appearance. Step Up Rings Allow Larger Sized Filters to Fit On Lenses with smaller Sized Filter Threads.
Top of the World NCAA Off Road Verstellbare Kappe, unisex, Cardinal/Stone
Top of the World
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Cheer for your favorite team in style with this Top of the World adjustable mesh back hat. Features vintage garment washed crown and visor, contrast stitching, embroidered team logo applique on the front, light brown mesh back, adjustable snap closure, Top of the World branding and made of 100% Cotton.
Click Workwear Mens Nubuck Leather Lightweight Chukka Safety Work Boot - Size 6
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Nu-buck leather upper, Eva rubber - cemented sole - lightweight and flexible for added comfort, 200 joule steel toe cap and steel midsole, Shock absorber heel, Sole resistant to oil, acids and alkalis, Conforms to EN ISO 20345- 2004/A1: 2007, SBP
Comprehensive Livability Code: Urban Sprawl + deForestation = Climate Change + Species Extinction (deForestation + overpopulation + fossil fuels = Global ... Species Extinction Book 2) (English Edition)

Dear Reader: Climate Change is more than just about fossil fuels that we hear about from politicians on TV, it is mostly about the Planet’s Vegetation – particularly Forests. Because even if we stop all Greenhouse Gas emissions, we will lose the viability of the Planet if deForestation continues. The key to Global Warming and Species Extinction is Forests. Of course, trees are beautiful and a joy to look at and Forests are an ideal place to rest and seek shade, but they do so much more: they are Homes to most Flora and Fauna Species on Earth; without Forests there is no cloud formation, no Rain; inadequate level of oxygen; no purity of air, drinking Water and Rivers; no stability in temperature and Weather; no cooling of Earth; and a rising Sea level. And yet, Planet Earth has been in deep Forest deficit for centuries from manmade activities, perhaps having already lost more than half of Her Forest Cover in the last 2000 years. Because trees – from Forests to single trees – have cumulative effect, it is by no coincidence that the particularly heightened deForestation in the last 40 years, combined with Fossil Fuel burning – both ‘fueled’ by Overpopulation – has offset Earth’s functions to such severity that the imbalance has become visible and felt by people across the Globe, for the first time in recorded history. Fossil Fuels and even Overpopulation are theoretically reversible, but Species Extinction is not. Climate Change is already killing and displacing thousands of people and costing billions of dollars. The cheapest and most effective way to combat Climate Change is not by fancy gadgetry of technology – most that try to imitate trees’ shape and/or function – but by protecting all remaining Forests and even relative ‘minor’ Treed Areas on Earth from development and from conversion to farms and plantations; and change the harmful clearcutting practices in Forestlands for the sake of all Life on the Planet. Also, we should protect all vital Ecosystems and in addition protect at least 50 percent of ‘our’ Countryside from development and other uses (i.e. at least 20 percent for Wildlife Refuges and at least 30 percent of Raw Open Land). The cost is zero – takes just will to do the right thing and foresight to plan wisely – leave trees and Forests alone; protect Them and Open Raw Land with strong laws and stable boundaries. Separation of Nature and man protects both Nature and man. Civilizations have fallen when they destroyed ‘their’ Forests. DeForestation comes from 1. harmful clear-cutting practices on private and public Forest Lands; and 2. converting Forest Lands to farms and development (urban sprawl): thus irresponsible = unsustainable = harmful = unwise Land-use practices. My letter (March 27, 2016 proposal + photos) is directed to Washington and Oregon States in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S.A., but it speaks to all people in all nations. Clark County is once again expanding the supposed ‘20’-year Urban Growth Boundaries in April 2016, for the 4th time in 22 years. U.S.A. has already lost most of her original Forests and leads the world in Animal and Plant Species Extinction. Yes we need to plant more trees and Forests – for that we need Open Land; but we need to first protect all existing major and minor Forests and Treed Landscapes. All vital issues, especially the Environment, should require referendums. Planet Earth is an extension of the Garden of Eden – a Holy Ground. When man tramples the Holy Ground he gets evicted by the very Forces he refuses to respect. When he refuses to live within his means at home he brings doom upon himself and whole Earth. When he harms Nature he harms himself. The hull of a ship serves as her boundaries. It is not Water outside the hull that sinks ships, but Water that seeps inside. Without Nature man perishes but without man Nature thrives. Hence, when man puts Nature before himself, he saves himself. Environmental Peace is the prerequisite for Personal Peace and World Peace.
Satire: Norman and The Ark: A hilarious satire about global warming, great floods, self-appointed evangelists, interplanetary messages and geeks saving the world
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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Can geeks save humanity from the coming flood? Possibly, in this new play! If you thought IT tech support was boring, take a look at what these guys get involved in! Norman, a schizophrenic, hears a voice that tells him he has to build a new genetic Ark to save the planet from the coming great flood. He struggles to get a grip on reality and regain his sanity, but he is told by sexy Jane that his hallucinations might be real. He hears voices, and is visited by Darwin and Einstein who are excited about our newest Internet gadgets, want to help him fight an evil TV evangelist, and refuse to leave him alone. On top of this, he is stuck working in the IT support department with his friend Gupta, who likes to spend his time watching porn and avoiding his parents in India.This is romantic comedy drama that is fast moving and features imaginative characters.It's about global warming, great floods, self appointed evangelists, interplanetary messages, and computer geeks, all mashed up into a great and fun read. For the price, you can't really go wrong.