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Brick Breaker
Ying Games and Fun
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The Well Of The Souls (Music From Raiders Of The Lost Ark)
Blaricum CD Company (B.C.D.) B.V.
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The Lost World of the Flood: Mythology, Theology, and the Deluge Debate (The Lost World Series) (English Edition)
IVP Academic
"The flood continued forty days on the earth; and the waters increased, and bore up the ark, and it rose high above the earth . . . and the ark floated on the face of the waters" (Gen 6:17-18 NRSV).  In our modern age the Genesis flood account has been probed and analyzed for answers to scientific, apologetic, and historical questions. It is a text that has called forth flood geology, fueled searches for remnants of the ark on Mount Ararat, and inspired a full-size replica of Noah's ark in a biblical theme park. Some claim that the very veracity of Scripture hinges on a particular reading of the flood narrative. But do we understand what we are reading?Longman and Walton urge us to hit the pause button and ask, what might the biblical author have been saying to his ancient audience? The answer to our quest to rediscover the biblical flood requires that we set aside our own cultural and interpretive assumptions and visit the distant world of the ancient Near East. Responsible interpretation calls for the patient examination of the text within its ancient context of language, literature, and thought structures. And as we return from that lost world to our own, we will need to ask whether geological science supports the notion of flood geology.The story of Noah and the flood will continue to invite questions and explorations. But to read Longman and Walton is put our feet on firmer interpretive ground. Without attempting to answer all of our questions, they lift the fog of modernity and allow the sunlight to reveal the true contours of the text. As with other books in the Lost World series, The Lost World of the Flood is an informative and enlightening journey toward a more responsible reading of a timeless biblical narrative.
The Ark: Surviving a Global Pandemic, Martial Law and the End of America (English Edition)

THE ARK is an exciting international political thriller. Set in 2016, it is about surviving martial law and a pandemic in America, which Dr. Hana Sokijina and a group of US military veterans struggle to survive in a homemade submarine. Murder, treason, combat, Russian bioweapons, White House traitors, genocide, heroic Chihuahuas, eco-terrorists. THE ARK is a story for anyone concerned about the future of America. It is a story of survival.THE ARK is a story of an American president and corrupt White House imposing martial law under the ruse of a global epidemic quarantine that inadvertently becomes real when Russia allows a GMO plague bacterium to fall into the hands of an environmental zealot who uses the president’s ruse to release this GMO. The result is annihilation of all but a handful of humans worldwide.This is the story of how they survived on their ARK to rekindle the American idea.“Erskin peaked carefully over the bunker. There sat the sniper staring directly at him, and wearing a Marine Corps sniper’s Ghillie suit. She had a Navy SEAL tactical combat knife sticking straight out of the top of her skull.”“CIA Deputy Director Abrambs pondered the math for a moment. “So…am I correct that a dose of 8ppb yielding an LD99 means that 99% of the people exposed to 8 parts per billion will die?”“Yes, Mr. Abrambs,” intoned the tinny voice on the speaker phone, “to be more precise 99.99% of those exposed will die.”Abrambs stared grimly at the speaker phone. “This isn’t a weapon. It’s extinction.”
State of the Ark
Other (EMI)
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EMI 563287; EMI ITALIANA - Italia; Pop Internazionale
Draper 64458 Anreiß- und Fugenlehre
Draper Tools Ltd.
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Wrapmaster GM213 Duo Spender
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Der brandneue Wrapmaster Duo, unsere jüngste Innovation, kann zwei Materialtypen gleichzeitig spenden oder von Großverbrauchern eines einzigen Materials benutzt werden.In dem robusten und einfach zu reinigenden Behälter sind die Folien optimal vor Beschädigungen und Verunreinigungen geschützt. Die Tatsache, dass das Gerätegehäuse wie alle Wrapmastermodelle bis zu 90 Grad spülmaschinengeeignet ist, sorgt für die Erfüllung höchster hygienischer Ansprüche.Produktdaten:- Hygienischer verschließbarer Deckel- Rutschfeste Füße- Stets für den nächsten Einsatz bereit- Geschütztes Edelstahlmesser- Sehr rationell- NEU einfaches Einlegesystem- Maße: 53 x 16,5 x 21cm (Weite x Höhe x Tiefe)Der Wrapmaster Duo kann die folgenden Produkte spenden:- Frischhaltefolie- Alufolie- Backpapier- Alufolie 'Non-stick'- Folienbeschichtetes Pergament- BratfolieDatenblatt (Englisch):Achtung:Der Wrapmaster duo Spender 4500 kann nur kann nur mit Wrapmaster Artikeln genutzt werden und Wrapmaster Artikel können nur mit dem Wrapmaster Spender genutzt werden.Lieferumfang: 1 Wrapmaster duo Spender
Ruff 'n' Tumble Bird 'y' Buoy Mobile
Sharples N Grant
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- Bird 'Y' Buoy is a fantastic bird toy forming part of the Ruff 'N' Tumble range by Sharples Pet. This colourful plastic toy sits in your bird's cage and features colourful beads and a tinkling bell to make for plenty of pleasurable pecking playtime! Thistoy is the perfect addition to any bird's cage!
Matfer dn962 Tarte-Ring, Edelstahl
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Not applicable;Diameter 11;Plain tart ring
OPTIMUM TIME Chronometre - Noir
Optimum Time
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Der "Ultimate Event Watch" Chronometer ist wasserdicht und hat eine Jumbo-Anzeige. Mit einer Uhr, einer Stoppuhr, Countup und Countdown mit Alarm. Piept jede Minute.
Abeba Berufsschuh The Original Clog 7031-40 aus Glattleder mit rutschhemmender Laufsohle OB, FO, SRC (Schwarz, 40)
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aus Glattleder, geprüft nach EN ISO 20347:2012, gepolsterter Schaftrand, umklappbarer, verstellbarer Fersenriemen, Lederinnensohle, rutschhemmende Sohle auch auf Kermaikfließen/Reinigungsmittel und Stahlboden/Glycerin, Energieaufnahme im Fersenbereich, beständig gegen tierische Fette, Sicherheitsstufe: OB
O'Keeffe's Fußcreme, 1er Pack (1 x 91 ml)
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FOOT CREAM, HEALTHY FEET, 91GM--- Cream / Lotion Type : Foot--- Dispensing Method : Tub--- Weight : 91g
Fiskars Unkrautstecher, Länge: 1 m, Rostfreie Stahl-Arme/Kunststoff-Griff, Schwarz/Orange, Xact, 1020126
EUR 37,64
Xact™ Unkrautstecher von FISKARS, mit der Art-Nr.: 139950 und der EAN: 6411501399502