Astro Pneumatic Tool

Astro 1442 13
Astro Pneumatic Tool
EUR 65,99
New Toolless Quick-Change Head design allows for easy changing of mandrels and nose pieces by hand;Disassembly of tool never required, unique spring loaded inner hex sleeve automatically locks the rotation of hand installed mandrel;Shorter handle with double compound hinges maximizing leverage. Great for off-road / Jeep modifications;6 interchangeable mandrel/nosepiece sets and 10pc rivet nuts in Metric M5, M6, & M8 and in SAE 10-24, 1/4-20, & 5/16-18
Astro Pneumatic Tool 94093 Multi-Cable Hose Clamp Pliers
Astro Pneumatic Tool
EUR 60,00
The Astro 94093 Multi-Cable Hose Clamp Pliers feature 3 cables and 4 different jaw types and sizes for the most commonly used automotive tension hose clamps. This unit includes the standard jaws from Astro's 9409A, extra large and small jaws, and Click-R clamp jaws. This tool easily allows the user to switch out of the cable and jaw designs in between different applications.
Astro Pneumatic Tool Astro WINDK-08F 90mm Bent Blade für WINDK
Astro Pneumatic Tool Company
EUR 16,52
cutting-saws, Kiefer, Klingen, Tap & Die; Meißeln, punches|air Werkzeuge, Teile, Kompressoren, Pumpen, Staubsauger
Astro Pneumatic Tool 78515 Adjustable Angle Oil Filter Pliers
Astro Pneumatic Tool
EUR 19,51
The Astro 78515 Adjustable Angle Oil Filter Pliers boast adjustable angle jaws that allow for multiple points of access with indents every 30 degrees for a total adjustment of 180 degrees. The precision cut teeth are arranged in a Tried-And-True design to easily and securely bite into metal filter housings. The slip-joint handles allow for a wide variety of oil and fuel filter sizes ranging from 2-1/4" to 4-3/4".
Astro Pneumatic Tool Astro 400E-AR 3/8-Zoll Arbor für Smart Eraser Pad
Astro Pneumatic Tool
EUR 38,53
Arbor für Smart Eraser Pad.
Astro Pneumatic Tool 9026 2
Astro Pneumatic Tool
EUR 9,21
The Astro 9026 2" Wire Cup Hand Brush w/ Interchangeable Head utilizes the benefits of a rotary wire cup brush design but now in a hand brush form for tighter access and tough work. Easily replace the brush heads when it's worn out rather than replacing the tool. The angle of this unit is adjustable for optimum positioning.
Astro Pneumatic Tool 45080 8pc Door Panel & Trim Removal Tool Set
Astro Pneumatic Tool
EUR 31,75
The Astro 45080 8pc Door Panel & Trim Removal Tool Set contains 8 different types of pry and trim tools for nearly all clips, trim panels, and fasteners. The included clip removal pliers are great for quickly releasing door upholstery clips, panel clips, and all other trim anchors and clips on your vehicle. Remove any clips or fasteners on painted surfaces without damage with the included Nylon trim and pry tools. Set includes: 1pc. Door upholstery remover, 1pc. Mini door upholstery remover, 1pc. Clip removal pliers, 5pc. Trim & upholstery tools.
Astro Pneumatic Tool Astro 17262 3-Schneiden 8mm VHM-Punktschweiß-Bit
Astro Pneumatic Tool Company
EUR 21,93
8 mm Bohrer speziell für Spot Weld BohrenRemoves Spot Schweißnähten in Bor und anderen Materialien3 Flöte Design bietet zusätzlichen Schneidefläche, die machen das Schneiden schnellerSchnelle und einfache Möglichkeit zum gängigsten Größe von Spot-Schweißnähten im Auto-Wiederherstellung Körper und ReparaturarbeitenAus sehr harte aus solidem Wolframcarbid, verhindert Überhitzung wenig benutzBit hat Mitte Spitze zu verhindern.
Astro Pneumatic Tool Astro 9477E6 E6 Kiefer RG Typ-0,10-Zoll, 0,213-Zoll, 0,319-Zoll, 0,360-Zoll, 2,54 mm, 5,41 mm, 8,10 mm, 9,14 mm
Astro Pneumatic Tool Company
EUR 15,06
Astro 9477E6 E6 Jaw RG Type-0.10-Inch, 0.213-Inch, 0.319-Inch, 0.360-Inch, 2.54mm, 5.41mm, 8.10mm, 9.14mm
Astro Pneumatic Tool Astro 7402 1/2-Zoll-Antrieb doppelendig beschädigtes Radschloss und Laschenmutterentnahme-Twist-Sockel-Set, 2-teilig
Astro Pneumatic Tool Company
EUR 37,60
Astro 7402 1/2-Inch Drive Double End Damaged Wheel Lock and Lug Nut Removal Twist Socket Set, 2-Piece
Astro Pneumatic Tool Astro 1023 T-Griff Star Wrench Set 9 Stück.
Astro Pneumatic
EUR 34,61
Handgriff T-4, Star & Star Key Wrench Set - 9-pckit beinhaltet: T10 x 100 mm Star Schlüssel T15 x 100 mm Star Sterne Schlüssel T20 x 100 mm T25 x 150 mm Star Schlüssel T27 x 150 mm Star Schraubenschlüssel T30 x150 mm Star T40 x 200 mm Star Schraubenschlüssel T45 x 200 mm, Star T50 x 200 mm Star Schraubenschlüssel in geformt Tablett.