Astro Pneumatic Tool

Astro Pneumatic Tool 94093 Multi-Cable Hose Clamp Pliers
Astro Pneumatic Tool
EUR 59,23
The Astro 94093 Multi-Cable Hose Clamp Pliers feature 3 cables and 4 different jaw types and sizes for the most commonly used automotive tension hose clamps. This unit includes the standard jaws from Astro's 9409A, extra large and small jaws, and Click-R clamp jaws. This tool easily allows the user to switch out of the cable and jaw designs in between different applications.
Astro Pneumatic Tool 78935 Universal Fuel Tank Lock Wrench
Astro Pneumatic Tool
EUR 42,43
The Astro 78935 Universal Fuel tank Lock wrench is designed to remove tank locking rings on fuel senders for many 2004 and newer vehicles. This wrench can also be applied to GM/Chrysler/Dodge, Ford, BMW, Hyundai, Jaguar, Mercedes, Nissan, Subaru, SAAB, Volvo and more. This wrench spans 7" and has a 3 point engagement with a 1/2" Drive for use with a ratchet or breaker bar.
Astro Pneumatic Tool 1450 13
Astro Pneumatic Tool
EUR 99,04
The Astro 1450 13" Plus nut and extra-long rivet nut setter kit Metric & SAE is designed for setting bulbed plusnut's, longer than standard rivet nuts and even standard rivet nuts. This kit features the market's most popular rivet nut setting tool (astro's 1442), which has been adapted for plus nut and long rivet nut use. The kit includes 9 SAE and metric sizes: 10-32, 10-24, 1/4-20, 5/16-18, 3/8-16, M5, M6, M8 & M10.
Astro Pneumatic Tool Astro 7402 1/2-Zoll-Antrieb doppelendig beschädigtes Radschloss und Laschenmutterentnahme-Twist-Sockel-Set, 2-teilig
Astro Pneumatic Tool Company
EUR 46,06
Astro 7402 1/2-Inch Drive Double End Damaged Wheel Lock and Lug Nut Removal Twist Socket Set, 2-Piece
Astro Pneumatic Tool 78822 GM Heavy Duty Torsion Bar Unloading Tool
Astro Pneumatic Tool
EUR 51,11
The Astro 78822 GM Heavy Duty Torsion Bar Unloading Tool is used to service torsion arms and front suspensions on many 2010 and older GM which include GMC and Oldsmobiles. This tool is made out of forged alloy designed with a 1" He drive bolt..
Astro Pneumatic Tool 9479 6-Piece Professional Deutsch Ratcheting Crimping Tool Set
Astro Pneumatic Tool
EUR 79,80
The Astro 9479 6-Piece Professional Deutsch Ratcheting Crimping Tool Set comes with an adjustable ratcheting Crimper with a Quick Change interchangeable jaw design that easily crimps terminals and insulation in one step. This set includes jaws for 10~20 AWG deutsch connectors including: size 12 (dtp), size 16 (dt) and size 20 (dtm).
Astro Pneumatic Tool 78100 Goliath Ball Joint XL C-Frame Press
Astro Pneumatic Tool
EUR 104,97
The Astro 78100 Goliath Ball Joint XL C-Frame Press boasts three times the throat space and features a notched foot that allows for the pressing out of ball joints without the removal of the top mount grease fittings. The large ball joint Press in this unit is for maximum clearance and for the effortless use of the tall and stacked adapters. The unit includes both long and short drive screws to maintain a shorter overall working length when desired.
Astro Pneumatic Tool 78515 Adjustable Angle Oil Filter Pliers
Astro Pneumatic Tool
EUR 19,73
The Astro 78515 Adjustable Angle Oil Filter Pliers boast adjustable angle jaws that allow for multiple points of access with indents every 30 degrees for a total adjustment of 180 degrees. The precision cut teeth are arranged in a Tried-And-True design to easily and securely bite into metal filter housings. The slip-joint handles allow for a wide variety of oil and fuel filter sizes ranging from 2-1/4" to 4-3/4".
Astro Pneumatic Tool 9507 Wheel Weight Balance Hammer Pliers
Astro Pneumatic Tool
EUR 21,49
The Astro 9507 Wheel Weight Balance Hammer Pliers are made from precision forged Cr-V and feature a hidden spring mechanism. The ten inch 7-IN-1 design allows for this unit to be used for the following applications: hammer for clip on weights, pry tool for straightening wheel lips, removal pliers, Cutter for adhesive weights, Crimper for tightening clips on weight tabs, tapered punch for broken valve stems, and a lever/Scraper.
Astro Pneumatic Tool 1442-10-24A 10-24 Mandrel and Nose Piece for 1442
Astro Pneumatic Tool
EUR 5,41
Mandrel and nose piece sold as a pair. Both pieces are needed when adding a thread size to your tool. Allows users to add sizes that normally do No come with their tool or replace broken or lost parts.
Astro Pneumatic Tool 9025 3
Astro Pneumatic Tool
EUR 5,61
The Astro 9025 3" Wire Wheel Hand Brush w/ Interchangeable Head is perfect for cleaning welding beads and slag on sheet metal by using the popular 3" wire brush design, which is now adapted for hand brush use. This unit now lasts longer by just rotating and retightening the wheel when wire bristles wear or flatten. Easily replace the brush when fully worn with any common 3" wire brush wheel.
Astro 1442 13
Astro Pneumatic Tool
EUR 65,99
New Toolless Quick-Change Head design allows for easy changing of mandrels and nose pieces by hand;Disassembly of tool never required, unique spring loaded inner hex sleeve automatically locks the rotation of hand installed mandrel;Shorter handle with double compound hinges maximizing leverage. Great for off-road / Jeep modifications;6 interchangeable mandrel/nosepiece sets and 10pc rivet nuts in Metric M5, M6, & M8 and in SAE 10-24, 1/4-20, & 5/16-18
Astro 7865 Ball Joint Service Tool with 4-Wheel Drive Adapters
Astro Pneumatic Tool
EUR 131,66
-Entfernt verrostet und korrodierte Teile. Set besteht aus: C-Gestell-Presse, 3 Receiver-Rohren 2-3/4 \"x 3\", 2-1/4 \"x 2-1/2\" und 1-3/4 \"x 2\" und die Installation und Entfernen von Adaptern. Die Schwerlast-Werkzeug-Set eignet sich hervorragend f-r den Aus-und Einbau von Press-Fit Teile wie Kugelgelenke, Kardangelenk und Lkw-Bremse Ankerstifte f-r 2WD und 4WD Fahrzeuge. Dimension: 10.6 \"W x 13.75\" L x 2,75 \"H.
Astro Pneumatic Tool 45070 7pc Windshield Molding Removal Tool Set
Astro Pneumatic Tool
EUR 29,46
The Astro 45070 7pcs Windshield Molding Removal Tool Set includes all of the specialized tools required to safely and quickly remove windshields for a large variety of vehicles. For proper hand removal of sealed glass, this unit contains a rubber gasket knife, wire feeder tool, cutting wire and two handles. The included trim pad remover and molding release tool in this set prevents the Windshield surroundings from damaging. Set includes: 1pc. Rubber gasket knife, 1pc. Cutting wire, 2pc. Handles, 1pc. Wire feeder tool, 1pc. Trim pad remover, 1pc. Molding release tool.