Rocky Automan: Kid Genius (Time Travel Fiction for Kids) (English Edition)

An Adventure So Big, It Needs 500 Years To Fit Rocky Automan is just your average kid genius. When he’s not in school wrecking the grade curve for his classmates, he’s in his laboratory in his parent’s garage, making tapdancing cockroaches and laser guns. Rocky can make anything……except a friend.So when Rocky hears about Leonardo Da Vinci, a genius inventor that captured the hearts and minds of the world for centuries, Rocky does the only sensible thing: he builds a time machine so he can meet his new role model: and hopefully, meet a new friend, too.But as smart as Rocky is, not even he can comprehend the consequences of his new invention, and the results could change the world forever…Instantly download your copy of Rocky Automan right now because you and your children and grandchildren will love this adventure... and you can claim your copy while the price is low during this introductory period. Buy it now!
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