Icxox grinder premium aluminium

icxox Grinder Pro 63mm 4 Stück Premium Aluminium Tabak Grinder Mit Pollensammler & Reinigungsbürste (Grün)
EUR 22,99
About icxox Grinder Pro"Since grinding process is full of fun in itself, when designing and manufacturing icxox Grinder Pro, we want to fabricate a grinder that stimulates people to seek more favorable grinding effect. Grinder must be made from superior-quality material to assure the sharpness of grinding edge. The top fabricated from transparent acrylic offers you a better view of the entire grinding process, and features a bolt-shaped top grinding edge. In consideration of better grip strength, the grinder body employs an artistic unique design, where the bottom is furnished with an exclusive logo of icxox. Ultimately, we'll choose each piece of finished product with meticulous care. Additionally, we equip it with a cleaning brush and flannelette bag that guarantees more durable and cleaner operation. icxox is in the belief that icxox Grinder Pro will bring you more amusing everyday life." If you are not satisfied for any reason, Please contact us to give us an opportunity to improve your experience by sending email to us or clicking " Your Orders" tab in your Amazon account. We will try our best to help you. Share a Better Everyday Life with You - icxox Package includes 1 *2.5" icxox Grinder Pro 1 *Pollen Scraper Tool 1 *Cleaning Brush 1 *Flannelette Bag Tips If you want to grind the herbs thoroughly you can reverse the grinder and grind them a little longer so that the herbs won't fall down before they were small enough. Use Cleaning Brush to get into the nooks and crannies without cutting your fingers on the sharp teeth. Take care when cleaning your screen to avoid damaging it.
Fancyli Lightning Grinder, 4 Pieces 2.48
EUR 12,99
Thank you for choosing Our products Unique Design And Premium Quality Material This amazing grinder is made of high quality Aluminum Alloy that makes it extremely sturdy. What is more, it features diamond shaped teeth that have been specially designed to provide efficiency and effortless shredding. Perfectly Fitting, Strong And Secure Lid Herb grinder has strong Neodymium lid magnets that can keep it perfectly shut. In this way, the content remains fresh and spillage and odor are prevented. A Must Have Kitchen Tool That Is Very Easy To Use This top notch herbs grinder and crusher is ideal for grinding various kinds of whole spices such as cinnamon, sage, clove and rosemary. Moreover, it can even be used as a pepper mill as it can quickly and finely grind peppercorns. Spice and herb grinder is very easy to use. You just need to twist the top 2 to 3 times. You are going to save a lot of time as this procedure literally takes less than half the time you need to grind by hand. Keeping you satisfied is our priority. Size of the product Material: Aluminum Alloy Diameter :63MM Height:50MM Weight:150g