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Easy to Learn: Igbo Language
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Igbo Language For Beginners: Introduction to Igbo Language
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Teach Yourself IGBO! (English Edition)
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Teach Yourself Igbo. Finally, an Igbo man from Oraifite, living in UK, will take you by the hand and show you step by step exactly..."How To Quickly And Easily Learn To Speak The Igbo Language In A Few Days... 100% Guaranteed!" “And no, I’m not going to charge you the normal $200 fee that the multi-lingual or World Language books charge!” “Instead, I’ve created an incredible home 'Instructor' teach yourself course that’s jam-packed with every last one of Igbos most closely guarded secrets, and I’m going to virtually give it away to you for peanuts.” “This Book Shows You Precisely How You Can Teach Yourself The Igbo Language, It Contains Information YOU CAN USE NOW, FAST With Ease! It is intended to be Fun, Enjoyable, Happpiness and Laughter.” “I’ve used the same methods that I’m going to share with you to teach my children the Igbo language in no time at all. You should have seen the children's faces - all smiling.Please do speak Igbo! (Biko na-asu Igbo)" I Guarantee It Will Work For You and Your Family. Dear Friend, Kedu?Have you notice how the Igbo Language is fast deteriorating in our schools, markets, public places, business sectors, and even in the homes, as if no one speaks the language anymore? This is indeed sad, knowing fully well that a people's language is their major identity. But let me ask you: Do you think it is necessary for children born abroad to learn and speak their parents' original language? You see, many Igbo children, especially those living abroad, or more specifically; children whose parents are of the Igbo stock, cannot speak the language.Why is this? Why are many Nigerian parents with dual-nationality usually reluctant to teach their children our languages? They forget the importance of teaching their children our native languages in a foreign land.When discussing the problem, I found that majority of the people were of the view that "they've failed their children due to plain laziness, 'as a result, they feel guilty and shame". Some said "they could not find a simple and affordable quality Igbo books to learn with and saw no use in teaching their children Igbo. With whom would the children speak the language? Most of their playmates do not speak Igbo". You’ll be learning the deepest Igbo secrets about how to learn and speak Igbo fast with ease! Take a look at the Volume I: Table of contents, a sample of what you’ll discover and learn from Teach Yourself Igbo: TABLE OF CONTENTS PrefaceIntroduction What To Expect from This eBook Learning Igbo Alphabet And Igbo Numbers Igbo Vowels, Consonants And The Blends The Blends (ch, gw, kw, nw, ny) The Igbo Numbers (Onu Ogugu) Igbo Days, Weeks, Months And Times Igbo Market Days How To Tell Parts Of Igbo Speech A Glance At The Igbo Pronouns A Glance At The Igbo Verbs More Glance At The Igbo Verbs To Read (Igu Akwukwo) To Run (Igba Oso) To Listen (Ige Nti) To Work (Iru Oru )To Laugh (Imu Amu) To Sleep (Irahu Ura) To Speak a Language (Isu Asusu) To Think (Iche Uche) To Study (Imu Ihe) Complement Verbs Useful Expressions For Daily Igbo Conversations Househood Items Greetings Asking Friends to Buy Some Food Items From Local Market Igbo Parts Of The Human Body Reference To Parts Of The Human Body Igbo Phrases (such as Ogbanje, Mmuo, Alusi, Dibia, Ikenga) Rules And Regulations: Igbo Marriage Ceremony Of OraifiteFirst Visit (Ikuaka n'uzo) Second Visit Third Visit Bride Price (Ime Ego Nwanyi) Ima Ogodo Idu Uno Ikpolu Uno Igbu Ewu Nwa Rules And Regulations: Igbo Funeral Ceremony Of Oraifite Firing Of Cannon Shots And Guns Mourning Uniform Itu Ukwe Mourning By Umu Okpu Rules And Regulations: Festival Of Oraifite Age Group - Grade System Otu Ogbo (The Same Age Group)
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Uche and Uzo Say it in Igbo Activity Book 1
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1001+ Basic Phrases English - igbo
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Igbo-English/English-Igbo Dictionary & Phrasebook (Hippocrene Dictionary & Phrasebook)
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1001+ Frases básicas português - igbo
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My First Igbo Counting Book: Colour and Learn 1 2 3 (kasahorow English Igbo)
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Things Fall Apart (African Writers Series: Expanded Edition with Notes) (CLASSICS IN CONTEXT)
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Winner of International Man Booker Prize 2007.
Muta Igbo n'Otu Onwa: Master Igbo in One Month
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1001+ Basic Phrases Hindi - Igbo
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1001+ Basic Phrases Chinese - Igbo
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