Jihad paradise

Djihad Paradise: Roman
Gulliver von Beltz & Gelberg
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Dschihad Online (Ravensburger Taschenbücher)
Ravensburger Buchverlag
Der 16-jährige Khalil und sein Bruder Amir leben in den USA. Khalil ist dort geboren und hat auch eine amerikanische Freundin. Amir, noch aus der bosnischen Heimat geflohen, fällt es dagegen schwer, in dem neuen Land heimisch zu werden. Er ist in die Fänge radikaler Islamisten geraten und versucht, auch Khalil mit Hilfe islamistischer Propagandavideos vom Dschihad zu überzeugen. Als Khalils bester Freund abgeschoben wird und seine Freundin ihn verlässt, wird er für die Parolen seines Bruders empfänglich. Doch als er merkt, in was er da hineingeraten ist, nimmt die Katastrophe schon ihren Lauf …
The Price of Paradise (English Edition)
We live in the age of the suicide bomber. The suicide bomb itself takes more lives than any other type of explosive weapon. Moreover, in the last 5 years more people have been killed by suicide attacks than at any other time in history.How has this descent deep into the heart of terror escalated in such a way? What drives people to blow themselves up and what are the consequences? More importantly perhaps, what can be done to combat the rising spread of this form of violence?Investigative journalist Iain Overton addresses the fundamental drivers of modern day suicide attacks in this fascinating and important book, showing how the suicide bomber has played a pivotal role in the evolution of some of the most defining forces of the modern age - from Communism and the Cold War, to the modern day War on Terror.Interviewing Russian anarchists, Japanese kamikazes, Hezbollah militants, survivors of suicide bombings and countless other sources of valuable information, while travelling to places such as Iran, Irak and Pakistan, Overton skilfully combines historical narrative, travelogue, interviews and testimonies, and brings his research alive thanks to potent facts and visceral storytelling. The result is a powerful and unforgettable read, the first non-academic attempt to chart the rise and rise of this weapon.
Destination Paradise: Among the Jihadists of the Maldives (English Edition)
Seven Stories Press
A breathtaking work of political reportage steeped in a deep understanding of the roots of Islamist terrorism.Western tourists are not always aware that the Maldives, a tiny island nation in the Indian Ocean, is a Muslim country, or that the Republic of Maldives is the non-Arab country with the world's highest number of foreign fighters per capita. Despite being considered a luxury tourist destination, the Maldives is in fact one of the most over-populated countries, devastated by poverty, social segregation, heroin, and criminality. Tourists living in one tiny bright enclave, the people in the vast darkness. All the wealth coming from tourism is concentrated in the hands of a few businessmen who collude with the despotic government. The Maldives is a fertile breeding ground for ISIS, which enlists more of its foreign fighters per capita from there than anywhere else. Francesca Borri spent time with them, and with their families and friends, all of whom are drivers, waiters, cleaners in tourist resorts. And she let them speak. As she writes, "While the rest of the world watched the Olympics, everyone here was watching the battle of Aleppo. And rooting for al-Qaeda."
IS JESUS SON OF GOD?!: How can you be a son of yourself?! (English Edition)

This is a very serious matter brothers and sisters, if you ever called Jesus: Son of God or God, then this book is definitely for you, because the Consequence of calling Jesus Son of God or God in any shape or form, is more than likely going to be Eternal Hell Fire, So get the Clear, Straight to the point Answer Now, mainly from the Bible but also from the Quran and even other scriptures, Save yourself and your family from the great punishment at the Judgment Day before it is too late, feeling sorry then wouldn't help much,This book will also give you a clear answers with references to other questions like: is Jesus God?!! Or did Jesus actually die for your Sins? Or died at all?"Jesus said unto him: Thou shalt love THE LORD THY GOD with ALL thy heart, and with ALL thy soul, and with ALL thy mind." (Matthew 22:37), also in (Matthew 4:10),As you see brothers and sisters, he didn't say LOVE ME or LOVE US, he told you to love and Worship your CREATOR ALONE, and no one else otherwise Hell Fire will be waiting for you.
When Aamir Met Anushka (English Edition)
Train was moving. In the moonless night. She felt something suddenly. It was dark inside the train so it was not visible. A hand touched her... It wasn’t her kid’s. Bigger. An adult’s. She pushed it back in shock with a light scream……His hands had reached deeper. It was damn dark. Nobody could see anything. But here was she, lying with her son while a man was massaging her passionately. She again tried a failed attempt to stop him. He didn’t move. His hands had done with throat and neck. His oily hand had now slid inside her... She again tried to explain him. Took his face in her hands and pleaded. To stop. He knew it was half-hearted. Kept moving his hand inside. Compassion had turned into passion. Sympathy had turned into ardour. Caring had turned into craving. The lines cleaving gentle friendly touch and passionate rub were blurred… …She looked back at her little son while slowly getting into man’s blanket. He was sleeping peacefully… The bondages of modesty were shattered… It was the first sensual kiss for her in years. She pulled his head near her heart. It was the sign of surrender. Forgetting all ties, relations and even her son sleeping next to her on the other berth. It was the night of liberation! The night of celebration! The night of miracle… The man was master of seduction. A trained lover. He did that 18 times. With different women. Hotties called him man of dreams. But he was a man on mission. Will love defeat mission? Read this romantic thriller to find out!
Allah's Paradise (English Edition)
Lampro Ventures
The Islamic version of Paradise is one of a kind and has its uniqueness as well. One of the most important prayers devout Muslims utter always is that Allah may accept them into his glorious paradise. The Muslims have been encouraged that paradise is ultimately the destination of anyone who make does not compromise his services to Allah while on earth.Though, the acceptance into Paradise is the sole responsibility of Allah as he wills, yet, billions of Muslims all over the globe sincerely, earnestly and passionately await the great and unending opportunity of being in that blissful place as described in the Qur’an and the Hadith. Fascinatingly though, the paradise of Allah is a whole new world on its own, it is quite different from the description of any paradise ever described, it is the combination of many luxurious things, ranging from wine, fruits, male servant, women, rivers etc. We are also about to discover some of the motivating factor that make some Muslims ever willing to sacrifice their lives and property to Allah in exchange of his Paradise.If you think you know Allah's paradise well enough, wait until you read this book.
Twilight in Paradise (English Edition)
Edward T. Sutton
A popular black motion picture star struggles to defeat a terrorist plan to mount a devastating attack on the film industry, then fight a murder charge instigated by a politically ambitious District Attorney seeking name recognition through a sensational celebrity trial. He can't trust local law emforcement because of racial bias, the FBI can't be trusted to protect his family, and Criminal Justice is corrupted at the top. Islamic terrorism, big city law enforcement, the FBI, and the criminl justice system are all on trial in this story.
Christianity or Islam: The Contrast
Northern Lights Publishing House
EUR 11,30
The Mackinac Incident: A Thriller (English Edition)
Skyhorse Publishing
When a team of jihadists descends on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, only an ex-con can save America in this “memorable” thriller that “hums with tension” (Booklist).   Fifteen miles off the coast of New Brunswick, Canada, a Soviet-era diesel submarine off-loads four men before being intercepted by a US Navy vessel patrolling the area. The men make up a team of al-Qaeda-trained specialists skilled in the black arts of terrorist warfare, led by a man who has billions of dollars in oil money with which to indulge his murderous fantasies. What they do next will determine the fates of thousands of Americans.   Rod Eliot, an aging ex-con turned survival expert, stands between them and one of the most devastating plots ever devised: to blow up the five-mile-long Mackinac Bridge and detonate enough plutonium to contaminate the area for decades. When an encounter with the bomb-toting terrorists occurs deep in the woods of the Upper Peninsula, Eliot finds himself in a dangerous cat-and-mouse game—until he decides to go head-to-head with these murderers.   Due to Eliot’s checkered past, law enforcement officials have him pegged for the crimes that unfold over the next few days. Only one, a seasoned FBI agent who is on his trail, thinks Eliot is innocent and is willing to prove it.