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The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life
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From the daughter of business mogul Donald Trump and a rising star in the Trump organization, this "New York Times "bestseller is a business book for young women on how to achieve success in any field, based upon what Ivanka Trump has learned from her father and from her own experiences. Inspiration. Success. Confidence. Passion. No one is born with these qualities, but they are the key ingredients for reaching goals, building careers, or taking a blueprint and turning it into a breathtaking skyscraper. In "The Trump Card," Ivanka Trump recounts the compelling story of her upbringing as the ultimate Apprentice, the daughter of Donald and Ivana Trump, and shares the life lessons and hard-won insights that have made her a rising star in the business world. Whether it's landing that first job, navigating the workplace, or making a lasting impact, Ivanka's valuable, practical advice for young women shows how to: - Use uncertainty to your advantage--thrive in any environment - Step up and get noticed at work--focus and efficiency will open doors - Create a strong and consistent identity--your name and reputation are your best assets - Know what you want--get the most out of any negotiation. Ivanka also taps into the wisdom of today's leaders, including Arianna Huffington, Russell Simmons, and Cathie Black, with "Bulletins" from her BlackBerry. "We've all been dealt a winning hand," she writes, "and it is up to each of us to play it right and smart."
The Miami Card Sharks!
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The Miami Card Sharks! The sharks aren't in the Atlantic waters this time, as this very intoxicatingly brilliant, beautiful and very exciting action-packed romance, floats past your heart and we dare you to put it down! Filled with love, sex and drug money plots, this story takes you where only the drug lords can go. Finding their hired hit man killers becomes the chore for one very special Hurricane. This story eventua... Full description